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The development of our 24 kt. Gold collection is based on the theory that one can manufacture a perfect compact disc... one that will reproduce the sound of a classic recorded performance without the digital harshness and errors created by irregularities in the aluminum plated surfaces of some ordinary compact discs.

24 kt. Gold, unlike aluminum does not tarnish or oxidize, providing a lifetime of listening pleasure. This is a product of space age technology combined with sympathetic digital mastering techniques.

Our 24 kt. Gold Series bring you classic albums in deluxe packages. All original album graphics are faithfully reproduced. The original liner notes and credits are always included.

The discs themselves are custom manufactured and gold plated. Each 24 kt. Gold CD is housed in a protective Lift-Lock jewel box.

Our 24 kt. Gold mastering technique is as follows: Only the first generation two-track original master is used in the digital transfer.LP equalized tape copies and dubs are not accepted. The master is played back on a specially reconstructed vintage tube reproducer with proper original recording curve (NAB for U.S.A., CCIR for tapes from Europe and the U.K., and the old AME, curve for some pre 1957 masters.) The signal goes in a direct path to the digital master, bypassing all unnecessary circuitry. Without any further sonic manipulation,the master is shipped directly for etching onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering and manufacturing process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original master tape combined with a disc surface free of any type of defects. Your CD player won't have to work to mask holes and bumps on the surface of the disc. Your player will thank you for this, as will your ears.

© Marshall Blonstein

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last update : Sep 01, 2001